Keep your family connected

  • Locate your child on a map at any time

  • Get instant text alerts based on location

  • Chat with the entire family all at once or one-to-one

  • Get full location history for any date

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    Install KinKin mobile app to your mobile device

    • Family Map

      You can see your family on a map from your tablet, mobile or from the website

    • Your Places

      Create your own locations and share them with your family

    • Family Chat

      Chat with your entire family all at once or one by one. Send map markers. Forget about SMS charges

    • Instant Notifications

      Get text alerts if your child has left school or arrived home

    • Location History

      View location history of any of your family members for any date you want

    • Friends and Autos

      You can also track your friends and cars from the same application

    • Navigation

      Get automatic routes to the desired locations in one touch

    • Panic Alerts

      Touch a Panic button and your entire family will get an instant Panic alert with your current location

    • Personal trackers

      If you already have a personal tracking device you can easily integrate it into the system

    Use KinKin for free

    Available for smartphones and tablets under iOS and Android


    Your own groups

    Create your groups inside the application, like 'Parents', 'Family', 'Friends' and others.

    Set group colours for your visual and navigation comfort.

    You can separate your family workspace from friends or parents workspaces inside the application. This helps to not get mixed up in your interactions with different groups.

    Friendly UI

    The UI was thoroughly tested by our users. You get the best of the best final version.

    You can select your own colours or stick with the default ones.

    Works with any iOS or Android device. Optimised for latest device OS versions and continuously updated.

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    Have a few questions? Of course you do. We've got answers!

    What is KinKin?

    KinKin is a web and mobile service that can help you stay connected with your family all over the world. On KinKin map you can see where your family members are or have been, send free messages to all your family members or get alerts based on their location.

    Sounds great! How do I start?

    Just browse from your mobile device to, install the app and start using it right away.

    Is KinKin free?

    Yes, it is and will always be absolutely free. Some extra features require Premium subscription. However if you don't need them you can use it for free forever.

    Can I use KinKin to track people without letting them know?

    No. This is not a spying software. If you can track a person he is always aware of it.

    What kind of devices can I use to leverage KinKin features?

    At the moment you can install KinKin on any iOS or Android device as well as various personal tracking devices.

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